Random works from 2016

I still sort my works by the year, not by the subject, and it is getting harder and harder to find anything, but as IT people say: never touch the running system 😀Adventures await mini 2016 Made for exhibition in Peanut Gallery, Adelaide.

Bath hill 2016

Random sketch. I like drawing bathtubs.Beach 1 2016 A painting sketch for a large custom painting.
black swan 2016 During the craft and art market in Deloraine, Tasmania, we were encouraged to show the creative process, so I did some drawings and watercolour paintings and this is one of them. Some people ask where does inspiration come from. This little work was inspired by New Zealand (lakes and mountains), vintage swan boats (can’t remember where I saw them, was it The Simpsons episode?) and Australian nature – swans are black here.
blue cat 2016 blue cat sneaky 2016 blue fox 2016 cat pattern 2016 deloraine rooftop red 2016

This is one of the buildings in Deloraine, Tasmania.

golden moon 2016

Another work for the exhibition, this time Off The Kerb in Mebourne.

hipster cafe 2016

When I don’t know what to draw, I draw cafe scenes.
kirai 2016 kirai grey 2016 Long fox 2016 mermaid and catman 2016 Pink lama nice colours 2014 I started this large painting in 2012 or so, but finished only in 2016. Well it was almost finished, just needed little touch ups but it took a while, really a while to get organised to finish this. It survived probably 4 house moving including interstate one, few falls from the shelve after a wind gust and getting a hole in canvas and other things. rooftop koal masonic hall deloraine 2016 Koala in Deloraine again.sneaky swallow 2016 Sneaky is my middle name.

snowglobe 2016 wolf owl 2016

Inktober continues (3rd part)

When I am posting this, it’s already 26th of Inktober and so far I’ve missed 2 days, 17 and 24th.  I hope I will do 2 more drawings for those days, meanwhile at the moment I am struggling with ideas again. probably it is just the mood of not wanting to draw anything. Happens.

Anyway, previous weeks were quite productive.


A weird 3 eyed cat. Actually cat is OK, people are worse here – I used to draw people like that 20 years ago. No progress at all 😀

Inktober 12

My friend got an ear infection and could not hear with one ear.

Inktober 13

Work thing. Had to draw a monkey. Will see how it goes.

Inktober 14

Based on old sketch – real men love cats.

Inktober 15

Oh, this is the best, I am so clever, I am so great! Narcissist narcissus.

Inktober 19

“I learned to ride my bike while drinking coffee in Melbourne”.
To be continued.

Inktober 20

Work stuff again. Cute cats and birds for a small girl.

Inktober 21How to make a pattern. See this for amazingly simple instruction: http://www.designsponge.com/2008/05/welcome-julia-and-how-to-make-a-repeat-pattern.html

Drawing cards

Christmas is coming and I know I need new cards. It has been a big puzzle for me to decide what is it in Australia. It is completely different from North hemisphere and especially from Lithuanian traditions I am used to.


I still think of traditional symbols.


This is the sketch from the last year, cards I made. The most successful for me are the cards with animals on them. And, since I like drawing them, this year is for pets in elk horns. I don’t remember who reminded me of this idea, I will look it up and the person who came up with this idea should get some when they are printed 😉

IMG_0258 IMG_0259

Sometimes in the market people see the print, for example with dogs. And they want another one to match.
-There is one with cats. – I say.
And you should see some of the faces! Ew, cats! 😀 It is always a funny result when you offer something with cats to an ultimate dog person. Or opposite.


What is Christmas in Australia? What????!!! 🙂

Inktober + blue pencils

5White ink on black paper keeps fascinating me. I keep getting surprised or disappointing, enjoying the process or looking for the ways to “save” the work.

8 And everything looks different from what I imagined. I thought of people relaxing on the grass, but my friend compared it to the image of massive grave excavated during some archaeological research :/

9Tired after disappointing results I draw something I am used to. A cat.


And birds.

Inkto 7And more animals, but about this work – later.

Inktober 2015

Inktober 1 Lama crowd

This years Inktober started with this sketch of lamas. Inspiration from trip to Peru, but these animals are so hard to draw! To catch the emotion of their funny silly faces 🙂

Inktober 2 Alpaca

Alpaca is choosing a drink for Friday. It was a public holiday here, but not for me. A market time, so I had to draw something very quick. White ink on black, it is so beautiful!

inktber 3 cheetah

Inktober day 3.
I had a dream tonight: we were going by car to mountains (my mind is probably still traveling in the Andes), when we reached the snow there was a cheetah asking to pick it up because it was cold. So someone picked as if it was a little cat.

Inktober 4 thoughts

Day 4-5.
It’s an old idea, keep trying to make a finished work of that, but still not happy enough. I don’t feel confident about her face, too sweet, I think, but then get encouragement from Vera, that she reminds her Pippi Longstocking, which is a lovely comparison 🙂

inktober 5 cats

Day 6. I decide that even an easy sketch without a great result is better practice than nothing. Sometimes I can’t draw the way I’d like to, I am not ready enough for the idea I have, so I choose not to do anything just out of fear of not succeeding with the result. But talking to my fellow artist friends seems like we all get fear of white paper, writers block and other issues and it is probably normal. And when you finally relax, the result seems to be OK too. A test of white ink transparency turned into clumsy drawn cat pattern.