Xmas Business

As always – busy busy before Christmas… Only dreaming about baking ginger cookies, decorating home or packaging presents. But some works made me smile. RABBITS INVASION!
Here they are:

15min xmas

A cover for newspaper winter events edition.
Check it here!

atvirukas lindy Q.cdr

A postcard for Lithuanian lindyhopers.

A calendar for the next year.
Buy zazzle version.

Some works were ordered to be a present – can’t show them now:)

Where do things go. 1.

Where did things go? Here came a giant cat and took all nice things…
Ok, ok. There was no any giant cat.
Some went to Artoteka – an interactive space for art. www.artoteka.lt
Few cards found their place in CAC shop. http://www.cacshop.lt/
Mugs and vase are spending their time in Šapokliak salon Stiklių st. 6, Vilnius.
A plate and a mug are on they way to NOT A SHOP – the first lithuanian charity shop. http://www.notashop.lt/

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