Kava ir merginos

It is always nice to see your work printed. There is always a surprise – the paper, colours, and if the image is made with the help of computer – even the size and details look new. Lately I got some stuff printed in magazines or books, so I took some time and a camera and there it is.


Espresso tales – a new magazine, you can guess – it is about coffee and stories. And I think it is very Melbournian thing. When Rebecca emailed me and asked if I could make any illustration for the new mag, I was very busy, but I had this sketch for the coffee machine. As another idea was chosen for the machine, this was laying in the drawer, oh well, in computer. So I made some adjustments and sent it to Rebecca.

little coffee spirits dotsIMG_7734

And here it is – printed on a sweet matte paper. It got some rain on it sadly, but just few drops, still looks good.


After that I made this card. Soon you can get it on etsy too 🙂


This is a little bit different thing – I got in one of the biggest Lithuanian magazines „Panelė”. Nice article name – Little animals on the brush 🙂