Drawing cards

Christmas is coming and I know I need new cards. It has been a big puzzle for me to decide what is it in Australia. It is completely different from North hemisphere and especially from Lithuanian traditions I am used to.


I still think of traditional symbols.


This is the sketch from the last year, cards I made. The most successful for me are the cards with animals on them. And, since I like drawing them, this year is for pets in elk horns. I don’t remember who reminded me of this idea, I will look it up and the person who came up with this idea should get some when they are printed 😉

IMG_0258 IMG_0259

Sometimes in the market people see the print, for example with dogs. And they want another one to match.
-There is one with cats. – I say.
And you should see some of the faces! Ew, cats! 😀 It is always a funny result when you offer something with cats to an ultimate dog person. Or opposite.


What is Christmas in Australia? What????!!! 🙂