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Adventures – LUK.LT

I has a Cat

Only cat owners… OK. There is no such a thing to own a cat. At least you just live together. Or the cat owns you. What I wanted to tell about cat’s owner? I have forgotten. Whatever.

I has a cat 05

I has a cat 04

I has a cat 03

Animals (UK)

DSCF9263There is my favourite place in Chippenham – the park. In the middle of ths picture – my favourite bird in England.

DSCF9275Unhappy dog from the market.

DSCF9316Elegant cat from the window of a collectible bears shop.

Getting ready


The day started with a sunshine… Ok, ok, the sun was shining untill we left home…


Got some vitamins for breakfast. We had to pass some electicity tests and were afraid of that.


The wooden bridge of the station.


Getting ready.


Today was really cold. On the left – english man with a t-shirt. On the right – frozen lithuanian.


This is just a view of Bath.


This is a nice tree. Looks like tails of lemurs.


Mike’s son Liam did this. Makes us smile.

Crossing the Europe

This is about how we got from Vilnius (LT) to Chippenham (UK)


International road. Poland.

in da car

Breakfast in the car. Germany.


Waiting for the ferry. France.


There were some delays because of the stormy weather. Later port was closed…


These photos – the result of having nothing to do while waiting…


First time in my life I got sea sickness… Most of people felt the same. Except truck drivers. Their services on ship were called “Kings of the roads”…


Tried to drive on right side in England. That took a second…


Egland, hold on! Finally, we arrived.