Random works from 2016

I still sort my works by the year, not by the subject, and it is getting harder and harder to find anything, but as IT people say: never touch the running system 😀Adventures await mini 2016 Made for exhibition in Peanut Gallery, Adelaide.

Bath hill 2016

Random sketch. I like drawing bathtubs.Beach 1 2016 A painting sketch for a large custom painting.
black swan 2016 During the craft and art market in Deloraine, Tasmania, we were encouraged to show the creative process, so I did some drawings and watercolour paintings and this is one of them. Some people ask where does inspiration come from. This little work was inspired by New Zealand (lakes and mountains), vintage swan boats (can’t remember where I saw them, was it The Simpsons episode?) and Australian nature – swans are black here.
blue cat 2016 blue cat sneaky 2016 blue fox 2016 cat pattern 2016 deloraine rooftop red 2016

This is one of the buildings in Deloraine, Tasmania.

golden moon 2016

Another work for the exhibition, this time Off The Kerb in Mebourne.

hipster cafe 2016

When I don’t know what to draw, I draw cafe scenes.
kirai 2016 kirai grey 2016 Long fox 2016 mermaid and catman 2016 Pink lama nice colours 2014 I started this large painting in 2012 or so, but finished only in 2016. Well it was almost finished, just needed little touch ups but it took a while, really a while to get organised to finish this. It survived probably 4 house moving including interstate one, few falls from the shelve after a wind gust and getting a hole in canvas and other things. rooftop koal masonic hall deloraine 2016 Koala in Deloraine again.sneaky swallow 2016 Sneaky is my middle name.

snowglobe 2016 wolf owl 2016

Markets markets markets

Some friends asked me about the markets I go to. So this post is about it – the art, craft, design and other things markets in Australia. I should probably post about my markets back in Lithuania or UK, but maybe someday later, if I find nice pictures. Follow the links (underlined text) to see more.


This is a nostalgic and precious picture for me – with my first friend in Australia – Sarah. Now we live in different ends of this continent and I miss her. This was first market I went to, sharing a table in those days was the only thing we could afford, ha ha. Ok ok, we shared it because it was just more fun. That was a market in Espionage gallery, Adelaide. I met Fruzsi here as well. And then little by little started to meet other people with whom we still keep in touch.


I even can’t remember the name of this market in Adelaide. It was in the city center, just off the Rundle street. I rode my bike to this market with all my things! I didn’t have a lot of stuff. And I got this beautiful cloth in garage sale.



With another friend Kara in a local community market. Market was so tiny, but fun.


Then it was West End Christmas market. A bigger one and I got a bit more stuff…


and it was raining so badly 😀


And then first Rose street market in Melbourne with Louise.


And then we made it to the Finders Keepers in Melbourne with Antra.


I couldn’t find pictures from North Melbourne market, only this one, I took it because the girl in the middle looked like Reda, sadly it wasn’t her… Next time I go there, I’ll take some pictures of the building and people.


Oh! I just found some pics in my instagram. Yeah, look for #lukava there!


This picture is just because of some order and chronology, I try to mention all the markets. Fine Design market in some suburb. Sunny and windy. There was also Southside market in St.Kilda, I have no pictures.


In winter I tried to stay in markets somewhere inside like Rose st. market.


It’s in an old tin shed or storage, very Melbournian vibe.


And then I traveled to Sydney.

IMG_3452 IMG_3456

Amazing building. It used to be a train locomotives repair factory.


And then to Brisbane. Hot and wet.


Also in a historic building.



Ant this was North Market in Brunswick.


With a n Ukulele band playing live.


South Melbourne Night (well, evening) market in the summer.


And the last one, just few weekends ago – a rainy day at the Esplanade market in St.Kilda. It is a little bit oldschool but it is so close to our home. But the winds from the sea are almost unbearable but it is always interesting to try something else and to go to all those different markets. Note the table cloth 🙂

I don’t take so many pictures of my stuff in the markets anymore, but now I think it could be great to look at them. I can see how the range of products has changed and the way I show them. I can revisit those places I’ve traveled and remember some lovely people I met. Hope it was interesting for you. Just a bit, a tiny bit.

I’ll post about upcoming markets in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney here.


Panelpop is a gallery in Melbourne where they print pictures straight on stone framed in an upcycled timber left from demolishing old buildings and polystyrene (well, this is just for back) frames.

I have some of my works printed there and… shown in the window! It wasn’t a lot of space inside between the window ant the wall, so drawing was even bigger fun and characters came out even more quirky. Like this cat with fat thighs.

I am not a good photographer, especially with all those reflections, so if you come by and get a better shot of it – please send me a picture!

Find Panelpop at 117 Brunswick St., Fitzroy, Victoria, 3065, Australia.


Tigerfish is shop-gallery in Torquay, VIC, and they have my cards. They also have lots of surf art, t-shirts and other cool things.

So if you’re heading to Great Ocean Road (a must do in Victoria) – take a minute to stop in lovely Torquay town, visit Tigerfish and enjoy some ice cream on the cliff.