It seems that it is pretty difficult to draw dragons. Especially in a nice way. Drawing cats and rabbits is easier, ha ha. But I made it! So, these are few dragons from the calendar of 2012.

I didn’t print it this year, but it is available on zazzle.  I always felt sorry about unsold calendars – at the end of February or March no one wants them and they look so sad… So zazzle is pretty good thing, a calendar is printed only if someone buys one.

Or get it at etsy and print it yourself.

One thought on “Dragons”

  1. Nuotaikingi piešiniai. Ypač patiko sausis, vasaris, su sigara ir kaklaraiščiais ir ,aišku,gruodis 🙂 Noriu kalendorio ! Tinka visoms šalims. Nacionalines šventes galima pačiam pasižymėti ?

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