One busy weekend

One evening I had an oportunity to visit an Australian office of Etsy in Melbourne. It is pretty interesting experience to meet real people working there, because internet things always looked so mystical to me. You think it is some company, somewhere, so far and you use the program and never think, that it is made by people, and when you finally meet them, they are lovely friendly hard working enthusiasts and how they like to say -“real people”. Nothing mysterious 🙂

So in this meeting I talked with other local Etsy sellers and got some wonderful tips for my Etsy shop.

The next day I went to Finders Keepers – crafts, art and indie design market.

Look at the card stand we build… without tools. Yeah, this is the cost of moving from place to place – living without proper building tools 😀
We shared the stall with Antra, and we liked the new experience beeing in a huge and well known market. It is not scary (I thought it will be:) . The most impressive moment was on Saturday, when 9.58 everything seemed quiet, sellers were chatting to each other and then the main door were opened and the crowd rolled in. Now I wish to participate in other giant markets in Sydney and other cities too – it would be such a nice way to travel.
The same weekend I went to my beloved North Melbourne market which felt so relaxing – I enjoyed having a happy conversation with customers and few free minutes walking in the spring fest.
The last picture is for Reda. For a second I thought it was you!

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  1. Ir as pagalvojau kad Reda! pagaliau Luka “isitvirtinai” Melburne:-)

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