The Bear and its ears

Few years ago I had a little job to do – to draw something as a decoration for a children clothing shop in Vilnius Old Town. I can’t find any pictures from then (too lazy now to look for them in my messy computer), but this summer I made few new. This bear somehow became a little tourist attraction, people take pictures with him, if you go to Vilnius, visit Skapo street and take a picture for me and email to


And there is a funny story behind this. When I arrived to Lithuania and was walking down that street I saw that the bear is missing it’s ears. They were overpainted while renovating the building or something.  I didn’t have the camera with me. I should come at night and paint the ears, I thought.
One day I was going somewhere and I saw a man carrying a small bucket of  dark brown paint. This would be the perfect for my bear, I thought. But it was completely another street, quite close, but different. I walked my way.
Some days later I went through the bear again. What a surprise – it had it’s ears back.


And a graffiti “Happy, for the repainting of the ears”.

That made my day. I am not sure if the man with a little paint bucket was the one who repainted it, but I like to believe so.

These are pictures I found online.


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