Inktober continues (3rd part)

When I am posting this, it’s already 26th of Inktober and so far I’ve missed 2 days, 17 and 24th.  I hope I will do 2 more drawings for those days, meanwhile at the moment I am struggling with ideas again. probably it is just the mood of not wanting to draw anything. Happens.

Anyway, previous weeks were quite productive.


A weird 3 eyed cat. Actually cat is OK, people are worse here – I used to draw people like that 20 years ago. No progress at all 😀

Inktober 12

My friend got an ear infection and could not hear with one ear.

Inktober 13

Work thing. Had to draw a monkey. Will see how it goes.

Inktober 14

Based on old sketch – real men love cats.

Inktober 15

Oh, this is the best, I am so clever, I am so great! Narcissist narcissus.

Inktober 19

“I learned to ride my bike while drinking coffee in Melbourne”.
To be continued.

Inktober 20

Work stuff again. Cute cats and birds for a small girl.

Inktober 21How to make a pattern. See this for amazingly simple instruction: