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bath christmas market – LUK.LT

Getting ready


The day started with a sunshine… Ok, ok, the sun was shining untill we left home…


Got some vitamins for breakfast. We had to pass some electicity tests and were afraid of that.


The wooden bridge of the station.


Getting ready.


Today was really cold. On the left – english man with a t-shirt. On the right – frozen lithuanian.


This is just a view of Bath.


This is a nice tree. Looks like tails of lemurs.


Mike’s son Liam did this. Makes us smile.


Bath is a beautiful city with lovely Oldtown. In lithuanian it’s name means “shoe”.
Bath Christmas Market is well-known festival in all England. This year I decided to participate in it. So this November 20th we will pack all items and drive through Europe to England. I promise to tell about this after the market.
If you will be in England – come to Bath (November 26 – December 6) and meet us there.

These are some pictures of Bath.

Bath 1 800

Bath 2 800