Today I received a lovely package (see the post stamp cats!) from Latvia with few comic books, stickers and other fun stuff.

IMG_7287 maz IMG_7288 In the very last page of a book or magazine or anthology called kuš! there is my little illustration. Actually I send the whole comic, just the one page got printed, but I should feel very lucky, because this issue supposed to be Latvian-only. Or almost. Being Lithuanian I can read few words in Latvian I got the idea of it (mainly theme and sizes of file) and drew the comic and here you see the first page of the story.


Now I’m thinking what to do with the rest of the story. Should I just publish it here? Until then – look there:


I think Melbourne smells like coffee.
There is even a coffee expo. I got involved in it too – Me and two more artists had to decorate the coffee machines for an upcoming auction. If you know anyone planning to open a cafe in Australia – tell them to come and have a look on those Italian (of course!) machines.
This was one of the sketches – coffee monster, but together with the client we came up with another idea.

After that there was some stencil cutting.

And spray painting in the basement.

And more stencils.

And markers.

The result! Well, it is jut front panel, hope to get the picture of the whole machine.

And the monster? It became a greeting card!

Blue Island Press cards

One day I received a little parcel. It was a collection of cards made by Blue Island Press – a company printing and selling greeting cards. And they have chosen some of my designs to be printed too.

Now the nice part: they have cool backs.

They are printed on a very nice paper – see the close-ups.

And they will be sold even in Bath, UK.

Bath during winter.

And I got an email from them about my cards being accepted in the shop of Gallery NSW. Oh yeah!

And another good thing – I’m still making and selling my cards myself and in small local boutique shops.


Tigerfish is shop-gallery in Torquay, VIC, and they have my cards. They also have lots of surf art, t-shirts and other cool things.

So if you’re heading to Great Ocean Road (a must do in Victoria) – take a minute to stop in lovely Torquay town, visit Tigerfish and enjoy some ice cream on the cliff.