I think Melbourne smells like coffee.
There is even a coffee expo. I got involved in it too – Me and two more artists had to decorate the coffee machines for an upcoming auction. If you know anyone planning to open a cafe in Australia – tell them to come and have a look on those Italian (of course!) machines.
This was one of the sketches – coffee monster, but together with the client we came up with another idea.

After that there was some stencil cutting.

And spray painting in the basement.

And more stencils.

And markers.

The result! Well, it is jut front panel, hope to get the picture of the whole machine.

And the monster? It became a greeting card!

Fur and whiskers

I had a wonderful opportunity to exhibit few my works in impressive exhibition at off the Kerb gallery.

It was about animals, fur and whiskers and collected donations to help animal shelters and things like that. When I delivered the art I saw this in the middle of the room. I always imagined a taxidermy specialist as an old crazy looking man, but the artist was just a young, friendly looking guy, love that surprise. He carefully took the fox out of box.
“It’s not finished”- said he. “I need to brush hair.”

Exhibition showed works in different media, from taxidermy (Adapting Through Planes by Tul Suwannakit) to video projection (Untitled by Cloe Mann).

Just a few artworks. The exhibition will still be there till 19th of October.

Animal series by Alicia Centofanti
Foxy Valley by Jacqueline Gwynne
The Bratwurst sisters by Trish Leone
Watching forest by Aaron Billings
Tattooed Sphynx by Lorena Monsalves
Kat and her cat by Basak Savcigil

And me 🙂

And I love red dots. Especially during the opening night!