Blue Island Press cards

One day I received a little parcel. It was a collection of cards made by Blue Island Press – a company printing and selling greeting cards. And they have chosen some of my designs to be printed too.

Now the nice part: they have cool backs.

They are printed on a very nice paper – see the close-ups.

And they will be sold even in Bath, UK.

Bath during winter.

And I got an email from them about my cards being accepted in the shop of Gallery NSW. Oh yeah!

And another good thing – I’m still making and selling my cards myself and in small local boutique shops.


Panelpop is a gallery in Melbourne where they print pictures straight on stone framed in an upcycled timber left from demolishing old buildings and polystyrene (well, this is just for back) frames.

I have some of my works printed there and… shown in the window! It wasn’t a lot of space inside between the window ant the wall, so drawing was even bigger fun and characters came out even more quirky. Like this cat with fat thighs.

I am not a good photographer, especially with all those reflections, so if you come by and get a better shot of it – please send me a picture!

Find Panelpop at 117 Brunswick St., Fitzroy, Victoria, 3065, Australia.

Paper Sea

Paper Sea is amazing magazine about sea, photography, surf, art and people. And I was bloody lucky – I got featured in it.  Next time I promise to add more pictures.

And now – just be sure to visit their website and feel the summer!



This was made to order. Sometimes, it is so good when someone tells their story, it is so inspiring. The balcony in the picture is a place in our neighbourhood where we lived in Adelaide.