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On the way from Australia to Lithuania we had to change the plane in Helsinki. We sat in an empty airport (early morning) and checked our emails. There was one email about Helsinki comics festival and some contest. But after a long flight I just was too tired and also excited to see my family and friends after a long time, so I didn’t care about it. And then, after a week or so I read it. What a nice contest. Just the deadline is in +-7 days! And I was leaving for a weekend in the countryside. But my friends took that idea as a fun – minimum 10 pages comic in 5 days, woohoo! It encouraged me. Also thanks to them for helping with the end of the story.

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I didn’t had a proper work space, wasn’t used to small screened and not mine computer and old scanner and had quite a little time (considering that when you visit your home town you want to go out and meet people, not sit at home). I think all these details influenced the style very much.

After a while I received an email that my comic story won the second place! And I was visiting my sister in Oslo. So we went to Helsinki (these distances seem so funny short after distances in Australia), to the festival.


My elephant who’s traveling with me for more than 8 years.


With Elina, one of the winners of first place . Her blog (in Finnish):


Exchanging autographs with another winner Reetta.


Autographs and a tiny shot of a winner story. It was beautiful silent comic. Whole book was published in Finnish 🙂

1371797_10201822371551933_1235649663_nI am on scene! Mama mia!

And there is a book with the cover by the third place winner. Everyone who takes this book in their hands ask me – was it suposed to be about cats? No. But you know – CATS RULE THE WORLD. We just don’t want to agree with that.

IMG_7737And my story. Cats cats cats.

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