DIY Christmas Tree

diy christmas treeLately it was busy period with all Christmas works. And once I’ve finished them I took some time to get ready for Christmas. Oh, I missed those little crafts!

This is a simple project.
1. Cut a pyramid out of cardboard.
2. I didn’t get big enough piece, so I cut 3 triangles and taped them together it with a masking tape.
3. And then into a pyramid. See how I cut the “legs” at the bottom. It is unnecessary.
This picture looked dull so I added some colour palettes I was thinking of using for Christmas tree.
4. Cut little scales out of coloured paper. I folded some tissue paper and then cut heaps of scales at once. The problem you need to use double layer of them – otherwise tissue paper is too transparent. I also used a nice coloured blue paper napkin (just because of the colour) and golden crepe paper for more festive look. You know, you could cut those scales in different shapes, maybe more pointy, triangles for more spiky tree. Or fringed pieces. Lots of possibilities!
5. Start gluing from the bottom. Draw a horizontal line with a glue stick and attach those little scales.  Then start the next row on top.
6. Ta-da!

It still misses the top, I just haven’t decided whether it will be a star or something more funky.