Keep calm and pet a cat


I enjoy drawing on porcelain. That smooth surface… And I got this lovely bottle – vase from garage sale. I’ve been collecting different things I could draw on for a year or more. Now I think I need to finish all those projects and get rid of things, just to make more space. “Keep calm and carry on” was the poster British government released as a motivation and encouragement for people in 1939, just before the war. It has interesting history, read more here. But now this has been overused everywhere. Probably because of pretty nice typography, some retro nostalgia or something else. I wanted to remove the print, but nail polish remover, white spirit and other liquids didn’t work. Another idea was just over paint it. And then the crown gave me an idea.


Here it is.

IMG_0974 IMG_0975Other sides. I am thinking if I should post it online for sale or bring it to some gallery/shop.

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