Leela’s house

i know a little girl named Leela.

She has a house. While Leela was too small to play there, her house was occupied by spiders and other creatures. And blue walls inside looked too dark.

So, me with Leela’s mum took brushes and repainted it. It is still miss few more layers of floor paint in the balcony, but still looks cozy.

Spider didn’t like white walls, so he moved out. There is plenty space for a dog. And even aquarium.

Sitting room.


Children liked the cat – they “feed” him with chocolate and chalk 🙂

I has a Cat

Only cat owners… OK. There is no such a thing to own a cat. At least you just live together. Or the cat owns you. What I wanted to tell about cat’s owner? I have forgotten. Whatever.

I has a cat 05

I has a cat 04

I has a cat 03